Ghosts & Missing Bodies in Nigerian Graveyards



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Do you believe in Ghosts? Do people steal body parts for juju ceremonies? BattaBox heads to a Nigerian cemetery to talk to the undertakers about their job and the dark stories that surround the dead.

"In the midnight, we do see ghosts, dressed in the same cloth they were buried in," says one undertaker. "They look straight up into the sky until they disappear."

Sometimes they are dressed in black, sometimes dressed in white.

Perhaps more terrifying - sometimes, people come back to life in their graves.

"It does happen sometimes, but they would eventually die due to the intense heat down there."

The undertakers insist that no one can any longer come in and steal body parts from corpses, but that it would have to be done from an inside job.

"Corpses heads used to get stolen," says one undertaker. "But now the gate is always locked."

Do you believe in Ghosts? A ghost is an apparition or supernatural being of a dead person who manifests itself in the real world. Some ghosts are good, some are bad. And what would you do if you saw a ghost?


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